Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1958. The Department has possesses excellent facilities and sophisticated equipments to provide best possible education with training to students for developing adequate practical skills during the course of study.


The The Department of Chemistry functions with a vision to bring out graduates with innovative and high caliber Scientific and Technological excellence and a world class understanding of  Chemistry.


To impart value based education and an essence of research to the students in all walks of life. The department provides individual attention towards knowledge and character

Teaching Staff
S.No. Name Designation Qualification Contact No.
1 Dr. S.K. Mishra Professor(H.O.D.) M.Sc. Ph.D 05102483151
2 Dr. R.P. Gupta Professor M.Sc. Ph.D


3 Dr. Kishor Arora Professor M.Sc., Ph.D., N.E.T., D.S.M. 9425778698
4 Mr. K.S. Dadoriya Asstt. Professor M.Sc


Supporting Staff
S.No. Name Designation Qualification Contact No.
Shri Shahansah khan
Shri Balveer Ahirwar
Lab Tech.
Lab attendent
Higher secondory
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